13 Vines And Creepers That Produce Blue Flowers

If you are interested in purchasing a vine, but you really don’t know which one, here I will introduce you to some very curious and beautiful ones. Which have an incredible shade of blue, making your garden one of the most striking.

Do you want to know which climbing plants produce blue flowers?

Here I will introduce you to 13 beautiful plants that are vines and climbers with blue flowers, it sounds incredible, right? Continue with us and get to know them.

1. Sky Blue Cluster Vine

It is a vine that produces small flowers and the bloom is sky blue, the leaves are oval and heart-shaped. The flowers usually close at night and open in the morning, so it belongs to the morning glory family.

2. Lycianthes rantonnetii

It is also called the blue potato life, which is tolerant of both hot and cold climates. They can grow to about 20 centimeters in height and 15 centimeters in width, these plants are very profuse, their leaves are oval, slightly pointed and have wavy edges.

3. Queen’s Crown

Usually known as Petrea volubilis, it is a plant that attracts a lot of attention, because it is usually filled with many bunches, resembling bunches of grapes, and generally likes sunny places.

4. Solitary Clematis

It is a climber that can decorate any place with its beautiful flowers, it is characterized by the fact that they are aromatic plants, which have a rich aroma very similar to that of jasmine.

This plant is excellent among the climbers and has beautiful flowers that usually attract everyone’s attention, its dimensions are about 7 centimeters in diameter.

5. Betty Corning Clematis

The flowers are flat bell-shaped and usually grow from summer to fall. They generally need a support where they can grow either in front of walls or in others they grow as perennial herbaceous plants, being independent, they like moist soil with good drainage and they need full sun or partial shade.

6. Sanitary Bag

Some bouquets bloom with beautiful colors, one of the most prominent is the blue shade, it remains green all year round and usually grows in the form of a bush. They have spiral leaves and are about 12 inches tall.

7. Mansoa alliacea

Known as garlic vine, because of the taste and smell of the leaves, it usually grows to 2 meters in height and can be seen in bouquets of flowers, in addition to having medicinal properties.

8. Clematis Vellosa

The scientific name is mountain clematis, this plant has a very upright and hairy stem, where white flowers appear at the ends. They are used to decorate any type of spot where they can get tangled up, they like to be in full sun, but you can leave them in partial shade as well.

9.Blue Jade Vine

It is an incredible vine plant, which is very curious, both for its shape and its color. It reaches a length of 18 meters and needs support to grow upright and in the form of a waterfall.

10. Blue Butterfly Pea

It has blue flowers that can dye, it is known for its thousands of properties such as health benefits and is characterized by its pleasant fragrance.

11. Passionflower Vine

It has a very fast growth rate and can grow around the area to about 5 square meters. It is a plant that has a very curious flower and is also very striking for its shape and for producing an exotic and delicious fruit, the well-known passion fruit.

12. Morning Glory

Also called Ipomoea purpurea, it is a climbing herbaceous plant, usually growing to about 3 meters in height. We must remember that in cold climates it lives only one year, but in warm climates it lives for several years. The flowers have beautiful bell-shaped petals, which open when they see the morning light and close at night.

13. Thunbergia grandiflora

It is a plant characterized by 8 thin petals, which can be different colors on the same plant or on the same flower. If you realize that these flowers resemble daisies, it likes full sun as this way its growth is more effective.

You have 13 options for blue vines and climbers, which you can observe in detail and choose which one you prefer.

Don’t think about being the difference with your garden anymore!

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