Christmas decorations with glass or other glass containers

If you are looking for creative ideas to decorate your home for Christmas, here we share simple options for using glass or other glass containers. With these two objects you can make beautiful lanterns and centerpieces, you just need to add spray paint, glue, lights and some Christmas decorations. These are easy, quick and cheap options as you can reuse most materials while others can be found on the market without any problem.

1- Cups and jars


For this first option, you’ll need a glass or plastic cup and a small container with a lid, like those used for spices or a sugar bowl. Now you need to paint the cup and lid, you can also add an extra lid for the base; the most common colors are red, gold, silver or white. Finish with flowers, branches, bows or other Christmas decorations.

2- Cups and jars in black


The cups in the color black also look very nice, you just need to stick a striking or contrasting decoration. For example, use red ribbon for the base and a red bow for the center. You can also use branches, flowers and bells in this decoration.

3- Candlesticks and glass jars


If you have a candle holder, use it with a glass jar on top and paint it in the color you like best or to match the rest of the decor in your home. In the jars you can place a small battery candle. If you wish, you can also decorate the glass holder and candlestick with a different colored ribbon or fabric, as well as flowers or a little artificial greenery.

4- christmas colors


Although the candlesticks look elegant in black, they cannot miss the traditional shades of the Christmas season, such as red. If the decoration of your home includes it, paint them in this color, without forgetting the lid. Finish the decoration with red bulbs, branches, berries and artificial flowers.

5- white cups


You can add some Christmas figures to the combination between glass and glass jars, both at the bottom and at the top. For ideas like this, it’s ideal that you use white spray paint, while sticking a large bow or a glitter flower for the center.

6- decorated pots


If all you have are glass jars, give them a new use with this decorating idea. The first thing you will do is draw or print a Christmas figure, then stick it in the center and paint the container. When it dries, remove it and add a battery candle or many lights, do it in the company of spheres of different colors or mini white balls to use as snow.

7- Vase and glass jar


Glass jars can also be glued to a vase, especially if it is tall and skinny, but paint it black or white first, as well as the lid. Place a small artificial candle in the pot and use a large bow in the middle, you can do this yourself with ribbon or pieces of fabric of different colors, such as red, white, black and gold, but also with branches or flowers.

8- Cups and candles


Once you turn the glass cup over, you have the perfect space to include some decorations, while the top part can be used to place candles. If the candles are small, use them on small containers and decorate them with stones, outside and inside.

9- aquariums


With two fishbowl type glass containers, but in different sizes, you can also make a fun and interesting decoration. In each container, add pieces of litmus paper and small Christmas figures, then place the smaller bowl on top of the larger one. The last step is to add decorative elements to give it the shape of a snowman, such as a scarf and a hat.

10- fake snow pot


Start by spraying the lid of the jar with gold spray paint, while it dries, thread the fishing line onto a needle and thread it through the center of white balls. To fix the “snowfall”, use packing tape and stick it to the lid. Now add fake snow in the jar and place some snowmen, but if you want to give it more height, glue them on a lid first.

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