Homemade tricks to restore the color of your black clothes

Black clothes should not be missing in our wardrobe, because it is much more elegant and easier to combine, but when washed it begins to lose its color.

Black clothes are fantastic, there are thousands of outfits that we can create with this color, be it pants, shirts, jackets, coats, etc., they look great with everything, and they will always add a touch of elegance to your day to give.

But how annoying is it when the black clothes we have start to lose their color, they obviously lose their elegance, because they get a very ugly and worn tone.

It is in this case that we do not know what decision to make, whether to vote for it or give it away, but it is clear that it hurts us to take our clothes out of the closet to donate them. We usually wonder, are there any tricks to restore the color of black clothes?

Of course, there are fortunately some tricks that can help us get the color back from your clothes, and not have to take them out of your closet, let alone buy new clothes.

Next I will show you some tricks to restore the color of your black clothes;

1. Cafe

Yes, coffee, the coffee we prepare to drink every morning, I know it will seem strange to you, but this drink can help us regain the tone of our black clothes.

So to start with, we need to collect all the black clothes, from which we want to restore the tone. We continue to put all clothes in the washing machine and do their normal laundry.

Then we need to make coffee, the coffee should be completely dark, so analyze how many tablespoons of coffee you need to add, the darker your drink, the darker the results will be when you get the color of the clothes back.

Keep in mind when the rinse cycle starts in the washing machine, as at this point we need to add two cups of coffee, the coffee we prepared earlier. We let our washing machine work normally, but we must be very careful before it starts to dry the clothes, we must not leave it standing.

It is recommended not to leave the drying process as it tends to discolor the clothes, so you should hang them and let them dry in the open air.

Amazing, right? who will believe that coffee can help us regain the tone of our black clothes.

2. Shades

This dye usually has different names in each country, for example in mine it is called Iris, which can help us dye any item of clothing and any color, but in this case we are going to do it with black.

In this case, you need to be in a place where you will avoid staining, so as a tip try to put some newspaper, as protection and also use gloves so as not to paint your hands. Then use a pot or a stainless steel container, where we are going to dissolve the product with boiling water, add a tablespoon of detergent, which will improve the absorption of the product solution.

As a recommendation, if you are going to dye fabrics such as cotton you should add a cup of salt to intensify the color and if you are going to dye wool, silk or nylon garments you should add a cup of vinegar.

So the ideal is to soak your clothes in the container of dye, we need to submerge it completely and let it sit for about an hour so it can take its effect on it.

To finish, we rinse the black garments, we need to take them out and rinse with hot water to completely remove the dye from the surface of the garment.

3. Salt or Vinegar

This is a very easy and effective trick because what we need to do is wash our black clothes very well, then add half a cup of vinegar or salt, this way we help to restore the black color of the garment, as a recommendation wash it with cold water.

After that you have to dry it like you usually do, it’s a very easy and simple trick.

Get rid of faded black clothes!

You don’t have to carry on with your faded black clothes, there are methods to fix it and keep wearing your outfits as usual.

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