Loosen a stiff lock and other surprising uses for a bar of soap

Women love to shop and especially when it comes to household products, everything to do with cleaning, beauty and grooming, we always buy with our needs in mind. Soap, liquid or bar, for example, comes with oatmeal ingredients and natural oils to moisturize or with cleansing and protective agents for the skin, but whatever the components, other uses that we can use don’t occur to us. cleaning.

Regardless of the brand or scent you have in your home, don’t throw away that old-fashioned soap you have or that they gave you as a courtesy in a hotel, as they can be very useful. Here we leave you some reasons so that you can give your soap a new use, the last one is the best!

make your own liquid soap

If you have a bar of soap, but for some reason prefer liquid soap, you can transform it and even save some money. All you have to do is grate 4 ounces of soap and mix it with boiling water. You stir and shake in a jar until the soap is dissolved, let it cool and you can take your new liquid soap to dispensers. Remember to shake it before using it.

at the tailor

You can lean on a bar of soap to make sewing easier and to mark seams or seam lines so you have a guide as you sew. It would also be very helpful if you use a bar of soap as a pincushion, cover it with a patterned fabric and decorate it as you wish. There you can keep the pins or needles without fear of losing them, and you will also have a good aroma.

cover a pan

If you plan to go camping with your friends or family or go to a farm where the stove works with cast iron and wood or a campfire, but you don’t want to damage your pan, you can put a bar of soap on the base so that that it covers the bottom and facilitates cleaning of soot.

to protect the nails

If you have some work around the house, such as repairing the oily car or digging your hands in the yard or dirt, and you want to take care of your nails, dip your nails in a bar of soap so that it prevents dirt from getting under the surface. nails comes

Detect an air leak

If you have your kid’s float or a tire is leaking and you want to know where the air is coming from, just moisten a bar of soap and rub it on the suspicious area or area, you will see how they will make some bubbles and there the air escapes.

So that glasses or lenses do not fog up

If you’re tired of your glasses always fogging up or when you get out of the bath after a hot shower, you see your mirror fogging up, you can fix it. When the glass is dry, you’re going to rub a bar of soap, but you’re not going to add water, you’re just going to remove the residue with a dry cloth, there you will see the magical Goodbye mist!

Cover small holes in the wall

And it usually happens to us that when we drive little nails into the wall to hang pictures and then remove them again, we see how the holes remain. If you want to hide them visibly, take a bar of soap that matches the color of the wall paint and rub it over the hole so you can fill the hole so you can caulk before repainting.

Give aroma and freshness to closed spaces

And we call these spaces closets, drawers, suitcases, and cars. Choose your preferred aroma and that can act as a flavoring agent so you wrap the bar of soap in a towel or thin cloth. Remember that you must remove the outer packaging. Works great for smelly boots or shoes.

Make your own homemade laundry detergent

To make your own laundry detergent, soap is essential, in this case you are going to take a bar, dissolve it in hot water and then add baking soda and borax. It is a detergent that you can easily make at home and that is very effective, even for the washing machine.

as a stain remover

Say goodbye to those stubborn stains by rubbing some soap into them. Some soaps like Zote and Rey promise to be excellent stain removers, but you can also use a toilet soap in your favorite aroma, most importantly they have no added conditioners.

unzip a zipper

Have you been able to unzip your pants or suitcase for several days? The solution is simple, you go and run a bar of soap over the zipper teeth and poof! The zipper slides easily.

Loosen a rigid lock

It is very common for a door lock to become hard or stiff like a padlock, and therefore it is more difficult to open it. You are going to take the key and drag it over a dry bar of soap and cover the entire surface. Then you will insert the coated key into the lock, making it easier to open the lock or door. If opening a door makes a screeching sound, you can use a little soap to loosen the hinges.

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