Cute Christmas embroidery ideas for small towels

Let’s start this coming Christmas with beautiful embroidery ideas for our towels; which will help us with our home decorations, or even a Christmas detail.

Christmas is one of the times of the year that the vast majority of people look forward to the most, as it is the time to share more with the family and experience joy in unity.

What makes you excited about Christmas?

Many of us are usually excited to decorate our environments and have those beautiful colors at home, office and other places we normally spend. What we prefer is that our house is unique in terms of decoration.

Tell me, what do you think about embroidery for Christmas decoration ideas? the embroideries are made using textile threads, which you can do with your favorite designs.

So imagine one of your Christmas figures, embodied in your textiles, turning your home into a fantasy. But you also have to take into account what combinations you are going to make, in terms of textiles and embroidery colors.

Live this coming Christmas, with great decorating ideas in your embroidery.

In this note, I’ll be presenting some ideas for embroidering Christmas towels and where to find them, so pay attention to what I’ll tell you next;

Want to know embroidery ideas?

There are a wide variety of Christmas embroideries, but in this case I want you to learn ideas about these small towel embroideries, which you can use in your bathroom, kitchen, as decoration in your dining room or to give Christmas details at your family gatherings.

Everything goes to your taste and the designs you prefer, remember that you can also embroider your names, that is, you can create your personalized embroidery.

How about embroidering your Christmas figures on your towel?

As we know, the tree is very presentable at Christmas time and is usually used for various decorations, so it would be great to see it embroidered.

But what do you think when you see your initials embroidered, much more charming, because they tend to attract more attention.

What do you think of this other idea? very nice and easy to make, as you can see they use very good combinations, between a white background and red letters that make them stand out.

Actually, there are so many designs to do, you just need your imagination and creativity to make your Christmas embroidery, of course I mention what you need to create an embroidery.


  • embroidery thread.
  • Scissors.
  • Textiles, in this case (towel).
  • embroidery needles
  • Drum or frame to stretch the fabric.

Know where to find your embroidered towels

1. Bath towels

Small towels usually give a touch of elegance to our bathrooms, which are not only used for cleaning hands, but also for decoration, and tell me why you don’t leave a Christmas towel in your bathroom? the December time.

2. Kitchen towels

How nice is it to be able to decorate all our kitchen drawers with a Christmas towel, with beautiful embroidery of this beautiful season. Believe it or not, many of us love to cook in this month of the year and how nice it is to feel Christmas in your kitchen.

So don’t hesitate to use towels with Christmas embroidery!

3. Towels in the dining room

Your dining room at Christmas does a nice job of decorating, because we usually like to decorate it in a way that is pleasant for both us and visitors. So tell me, how about decorating your dining room with Christmas embroidery?

To me it seems fantastic, because we can embroider something on towels that can be decorative on them.

4. Christmas Details

How about giving a towel with Christmas embroidery? In my opinion it is fantastic, imagine giving these beautiful details to your family members so that they start the Christmas season in this way, and what could be better than with embroidery made by you.

“There are several places where we can find our Christmas embroidered towels”

So start embroidering now, don’t let the afternoon catch up for the Christmas season to come.

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