Christmas crafts to decorate switches

There are fantastic ideas to decorate Christmas and these proposals can not be missed, because it will make our house look like Santa’s house, because even the switches or dampers we can put a Christmas detail, if you want to learn how to make these crafts can do, you can only have You have to follow this step by step, use the indicated materials and let your creative skills run wild.

1- Reindeer face in foami:

To make this design you will need several foamis, three of which must be matted, such as red, white and green. To start with you need to make the face of the reindeer with four foamis if you are not an expert in drawing you can download the lines from the internet for more convenience it is important that the mouth, nose and eyes are in different foamis to create relief , then make some details with markers and measure the switch to make the edges, finally glue a bubble in the middle.

2- Candle with green Easter leaves:

You can make this design in felt fabric which is widely used to make this kind of decoration, use different colors like green for the easter leaves, red for the seeds and part of the fire, white to make the switch edge and yellow and orange to end the flame. Finish by gluing a border of pearlescent nuggets and that’s it.

3- Reindeer with bells:

This is another technique that you can do by sewing the drawing on fabric with a needle and colored thread according to the parts of the reindeer, the main thing here is to make each piece and put them together later, it is practically similar to the fomi reindeer, all you need to do is to make the two eyes, the bells on the horns, the mouth and half of the body as shown in the picture.

4- Frame and gold border:

A simple candle with few materials, this idea can be made with foami or with felt, so make the switch frame by measuring the sides and removing the center section, then create the snow effect on the white fabric section. and bottom and finish by gluing a golden decoration with fruit, golden pineapple and Easter leaves in the right corner.

5- Grandma Claus:

A very detailed Mrs Claus, to make it you will have to get different colors from the colors you want or have in your house, lines on the edges of the drawing to give it more depth and put it on one side of the switch. paste , remember that if you don’t know how to draw, you can print the parts from the internet.

6- Santa Claus:

Buy a green fabric with gold details to make the switch frame, have the hands and legs stuff them with cotton to give the doll a touch of stuffing, then make a simple Santa hat and finally you can be recursive by making the face buy from santa claus if you find it hard to imitate.

7- Christmas Cookie:

This cookie is very easy to make, you just need to look for scraps of felt that you have left before and make the face, hands, legs, hat and stick it behind the apron or dress with silicone glue. should have spaces for the switches. The details count here, so choose fabrics with embellishments to enhance the drawing.

8- House and Snowman:

Start by making a blue house with a blue roof and border the frame with thin glossy tape, then make the snowman’s face by filling it with cotton, put a red checkered bow under it and the hat, draw the eyes, mouth and nose with marker along with white stars in the frame.

9- Snowman:

The frame of this design is similar to proposal four, so from there you can draw a snowman and paste it in the other corner as if it were in the snow, the key is to stuff the fabric with cotton and make the legs with laces so they hang.

10- Christmas Boot:

A very simple design as you only need to use a few colors of foami or felt fabric. Take the dimensions of the switch and from there make the boot in green and red, then create Santa’s face by cutting out each part to create relief in the drawing and finally detail with markers.

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