10 Christmas craft ideas made with CDs

It is very common to use different elements for decorations during Christmas, but these do not go beyond being expensive on our wallet on certain occasions, therefore for this kind of situation we have to resort to certain creative ideas that are affordable, That In the same way, they look spectacular in all our homes, which is why we bring you below a series of craft ideas with an object that we no longer or infrequently use thanks to new technologies.

This element that we are going to use is the CD, one of the objects that we do not know what new utilities we can offer it after the expiration of its life and that in this article we will present a series of ideas to decorate different spaces of Our house .

1. Christmas carriage

For this first idea, we need the following materials, which are very easy to find and usually present in our homes:

  • 4 CDs
  • 1 box of Christmas cookies
  • 1 gift ribbon
  • 1 print of Santa’s face
  • 2 carton
  • 1 gold paint
  • Paste or silicone

To start with our craft, we will use our cookie box and with the glue or silicone we will stick two of the discs that will make the wheels of the carriage on the part of our lid, and we will repeat the same process for the missing part of the box. We will continue with our ribbon which we will tie around the box and secure with our glue. With this we would have already made part of our carriage.

Now, using scissors, we will cut out our Santa’s face so that only the face comes out of the cookie box lid and we will add it to our carriage. Finally, we will cut out several stars from our cardboard to decorate with gold paint later and then stick them on our carriage. With this we would already finish our beautiful carriage to decorate.

2. Mistletoe door hanger

For the next decoration we will use a few materials, which will give new life to our forgotten plate and help as a decorative element on all doors of our house.

  • 1 Disco CD
  • 1 thin strip
  • Green and red paint

For our fabulous door hanger we will use our paint, and in this case we will choose green and red paint and we will paint red circles and green leaves. Remember to touch up the painted area several times so that the layers are well covered so that there is no damage. After applying several coats and letting it dry for a long time so that the paint adheres well, we are going to use our strip along with our previously painted disc.

We will continue to pass the ribbon through the hole of our CD and we will measure it on our doorknob to know how far to cut it, finally we will tie a knot on our ribbon together with the disc and we will get done . Remember that this is just an idea for the door hanger, but the disc is a canvas to which we can give new opportunities.

3. Snow garlands

In our third and final decoration with CDs, we need some items that you can get in an office supply store without leaving our main resource, our disc:

  • Foamy or goma eva blanca
  • gold ribbon
  • Red, green, black and white paint
  • paste or silicone
  • CD discs

To make our snow garlands, we will start with our disk together with the foami and we will draw the figure of the disk as many times as necessary, to cut it out and glue it together with the white foami later, then we will make different faces painting, do not forget that the snowmen have a large orange nose and shiny eyes; which we will make with the paintings mentioned above and to give our snowman more decoration in the garland, we can make some crowns of twigs to accentuate our figure. Finally and after drying our designs we will add the tape to stick one under the other, and this is how we would have our snow garland.


Remember that the only limitation in decorating your home is your imagination, so it is important that you do not just stick with the ideas mentioned above, but that they form a foundation so that you can think and decorate in many other ways as part of your house with a disk or any other element that you have around the house and you don’t give it any use.

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