18 Christmas decorations with balloons

Christmas is approaching and it is always an opportunity to receive into our homes the people we value most, be it our family or friends; Therefore, we strive to make our homes an ideal environment for the celebration, but on many occasions we do not know what means to use to decorate in an easy, fast, beautiful and economical way.

In gardening and home we have the best option for you, because this time we bring you 3 ideas for Christmas decorations with balloons, an element that is very easy to get and very cheap, besides becoming a Christmas classic in recent years. , because of their versatility and the way they turn any setting into a party space.

1. Christmas spirit

A common Christmas decoration on trees or in different parts of the house are balls of colored hard yarn. Decoration that can be seen even in any month of the year, as they look good with almost any decoration.

The materials you will need to make these baubles are: balloons (the color doesn’t matter), thread of the color you want to make the baubles (they are usually red, green, yellow and white), glue, scissors, a bowl and brush.

  • Blow up the balloons to the size you want the balls to be stiff yarn.
  • Wrap the rope/wire around each inflated balloon, twisting it a lot and making sure there are some small voids.
  • When you are happy with the amount of wire wrapped, cut the end and tie a knot at the end.
  • Dilute the glue in a container with a little water and stir until the mixture is smooth.
  • Using the brush, soak all the threads that wrap the balloons as best you can and let them dry so that the balloon does not roll.
  • Apply a second coat of thinned adhesive and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result.
  • When it is dry, very carefully pierce the balloon and you have your balls of yarn for Christmas.

As an extra you can, for example, put colored ribbons or Christmas dolls around or in the ball of yarn.

2. Balloon Arch

If you’ve seen this kind of decoration at the entrance of a party, you know that you have to inflate a lot of balloons, so having someone to help you can be very helpful. Plus, making this kind of decoration is much easier than you might think.

For the materials you will need about 100 balloons (depending on how big you want to make the arch), twine or plain yarn, balloon cord or ribbon and wall hooks.

  • Blow up all the balloons, here you can vary the color and size of the balloons for special effects.
  • Cut the string into small strips, remembering that the number of strips will be the same as the number of balloons inflated.
  • Tie the ends of each balloon to the yarn or string.
  • Give the string an arc shape and don’t worry about the base of the arc as that will be the balloon itself.
  • Knot all the balloons along the string in the desired order, here we recommend that you keep it taut.
  • Finally, secure the arch with wall hooks.

The arches can be placed at the entrance of the house, on walls and patios for guests to take photos, the place is up to your imagination and the right space for your home. And as an extra, you can add other elements to the arch, such as star balloons, lollipops, position or other Christmas elements.

3. Colorful Balloons

A balloon decoration can simply consist of that; brightly colored balloons, that’s why we show you an easy way to decorate a wall, ceiling or even the Christmas tree itself.

For the materials you will need balloons of different colors, wire and small disposable plastic cups.

  • Cut the wire into as many strips as balloons you want to use.
  • Inflate each balloon to the desired size.
  • Tie each balloon to one of the string strips.
  • Make a small hole in the base in each disposable plastic cup.
  • Pass the wire through the hole in the bottom of the glass and pull so that the balloon sits in the mouth of the glass.
  • To finish, hang the balloons made in the place we like best.

As an added bonus, it would also be to paint the disposable cups in colors that match those of the balloons and tie a fabric bow or ribbon around them.

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