21 IDEAS of centerpieces with succulents and flowers

When we attend an event, be it a wedding, baptism, dinner or birthday, one of the things we appreciate most is the decoration of the place and the details of the tables. also want to dazzle our guests so that we are remembered for our great taste and hospitality. For this reason, in this post, I bring you excellent ideas on how to make your tables sparkle with succulents and flowers.

The use of plants for decoration is becoming more and more common, in this case we want to highlight some beautiful plants: Succulents. If you’ve never heard of them, don’t worry, you’ll recognize them quickly and easily, as they’re all water, with cacti being the most remembered. In that order, I hope you pay attention to the ideas I’m about to give you, because they are different and fun and the result will be tremendously beautiful and of course it will bring back memories.

Succulents decorate the table

These plants are extremely versatile and you can’t just use them as a centerpiece. They can also get a lot of fame if you put them on the crockery or as under plates or cutlery. I assure you the result will make a difference.

succulents glass and stones

Succulents are plants that do not require much care, so they are easy to manipulate and combine. Below you can see a nice combination between these plants, glass and stones. You will find a great variety in the designs and without a doubt make the difference.

pottery and succulents

As a host, you will be amazed at the ease with which you can combine succulents. Here I present ideas for centerpieces with this plant and ceramics. Of course, you should know that you can also use another type of container for your succulents, you decide that already based on the style of your event, whether you want it to look more rustic, elegant, minimalist, etc. At this point you can using glasses, teapots, kettles, vases, planters; When it comes to creating your centerpieces, anything is possible. With succulents you have an excellent advantage and that is that due to the diversity and having such nice colors you will not be difficult to find a model that suits your needs.

succulents and flowers

As if that weren’t enough, succulents get along well with certain types of flowers. I’ll show you some ideas where you can combine flowers and succulents for your centerpieces. The variety ranges from roses, carnations and even tulips.

cacti and succulents

As you know the cactus is the most famous succulent plant, this plant does not resemble the rest of the succulents, it is much more rustic, therefore when used it should be combined with another kind of succulent that softens that power that the cactus transmits .

Autumn and succulents

We must take advantage of the beautiful fall colors before this wonderful season ends. In this season we have the pleasure of being able to use very warm colors and some terracotta shades and the like. Here you can get creative and use the combination of dry leaves, with dead vegetation and your succulents.

succulents and more

Finally, remember that a good evening always ends with souvenirs or memories. At this point, succulents can also be your great allies. Because they are plants that do not require too much care, you can assemble them well in advance. You should also think about the theme and image you want to give, this will not be difficult because we make it clear that succulents can handle all styles.

Now remember that they have other kinds of uses as well, they can be in the wedding cake or even in the bridal bouquet. Again, it again depends on what you want and the objectivity you want to present. You can also vary the colors, flowers and plants that you will use for this type of decoration. Take advantage of this excellent trend and the wide variety of uses that succulents have.

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