Easy ideas to decorate your stairs for Christmas

Christmas is coming and at Gardening and Home we are aware that at this point it is very likely that you are already thinking about setting up the Christmas tree and starting to decorate the corners of your home, so we want to remind you that we can also fill a small, remembered space in your home, namely the stairs, with life and Christmas harmony.

Decorating this new space, the staircase, will give your home a totally impressive and pleasant touch during this Christmas season, so now is the right time to put your best craft materials, decorations, garlands, lights. or whatever you want and have at home; Well, below are some of the best Christmas decorations for stairs to celebrate in style this year.

ties the mountains

If you like traditional and harmonious styles, it is best to include Christmas bows in your decorations. For this, you can combine the bows with other ornaments of different sizes or colors. These elements can be placed to leave a uniform separation between each of them and start to combine the bows, whether they are of the same color or of different colors, for this we will tell you the most commonly used colors to enhance your sports to decorate with bows; and these are: red, green and gold, but you will be the one to choose the order and tonality of each element.

The variation between the decorative elements between the arches is a way to give life to your space and to emphasize the Christmas color of your home, so let your imagination take over and decorate your stairs in the best way.

Natural plants

On the contrary, if you want to step out of the traditional and decorate your home with garlands of natural plants, we recommend that you start your decoration with several durable branches, such as fir branches. You can also use other natural elements such as berries and various green leaves.

In addition, you can also put various colored flowers in it, keep in mind that the color red will look beautiful in these garlands, but it is only a recommendation that we offer you, you can choose the color you like the most and that matches the other decorations of your home.

Color balls

Many people think that baubles are only used as decoration for the Christmas tree, but it is not so, because keep in mind that what is interesting on these dates in the variety and initiative to fill your home with different shapes in the decoration. That is why we recommend hanging some Christmas balls on the railing of your stairs, these can be in one color or in different colors, in addition you can add a garland or other elements such as stockings or presents. color to that space in your house.


Adding some fairy lights so they light up and shine at night is a very good option for that part of your home where they can find you constantly moving as you go up and down these stairs because the lights are the ones that will help you enlighten this time your way. To decorate with this element, we recommend wrapping the lights in the center of a garland of your choice and placing other elements, such as flowers or mistletoe, nearby.

In addition and as an additional option, you can place your Christmas tree near the stairs with Christmas lights, because this harmony between the lights will fill your home with color in a unique and very beautiful way.


In addition to the typical decoration on the balustrades of the stairs, you can decorate the steps of your windows with candles, for this you can start by placing a candle on each of the steps or you can also light the candles two at a time. step. But keep in mind that if you are going to perform this kind of decoration, you have to be careful with the set of candles, so it is necessary to have some wide stairs if you want to choose this option in your decoration.

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