Latte Art: Basic Guide to Make Coffee Drawings Easily and Quickly

If at some point in your life you have ordered coffee from a bakery, cafeteria or restaurant and they surprised you with a nice drawing about it, then you must have wondered how they make these drawings in the coffee? one of the frequently asked questions on these sites. And so that you are not left with doubts, we explain below how to properly draw a drawing in the coffee or also known as a “Latte Art”.

The first thing to know is that the technique of making drawings in coffee is very special; This is because the design evolves as the cream mixes with the milk and comes into contact with the coffee. And although it may seem very easy to you, there are three fundamental aspects that anyone who wants to get into the art world in cafes should take into account in order to make a good drawing.

Fundamental aspects:

  • First: You should start with texture the milk, because to get that dense creamy looking foam that we are going to paint with, it is very important to use fresh, whole and very cold milk. To begin with, we need to start pouring the milk two centimeters or less above the surface of the coffee, this is done so that it does not dissolve in it. In addition, it is important that the flow in which you put the milk is slow and smooth.
  • Second: We must be aware of the positionyou must pour the milk exactly in the center of the coffee, as this allows the drawing to expand evenly to both sides and not lose its consistency or distort.
  • Third: It is very important to know the flow of milk, because this flow must always be good, you have to pour the milk very slowly and very close to the coffee, this is done to avoid breaking the canvas and what you have already drawn. Likewise, we need to pour the milk slowly to prevent the foam from separating too much of the milk.

Chances are, mastering these three aspects will put you one step closer to becoming an expert in the art of coffee drawing. But this is not all, we have just started our path to become experts in coffee drawing, so to improve your technique you need to know that you can do the drawings by hand or with stencils and remember that to master the technique under to master. hand there is one last requirement which is perseverance and daily training as anything can be achieved as long as you have the desire and practice constantly.

To prepare your coffee by hand, you must follow all of the above directions.

Steps to make a heart

First, start adding the foam from one edge of the cup while continuing to move the pitcher, making small zigzag motions.

How to draw a heart with coffee foam - step 1

Second, a white circle is formed with the milk on the roasted coffee. Place the milk froth wire from the center of the circle and make a straight line to the other side.

How to draw a heart with coffee foam - step 2

Third, leave a small peak to elongate the circle and give it a heart shape. Lift the pitcher and you already have your heart of milk.

How to draw a heart with coffee foam - step 3

Drawings in the cafe with templates

The drawing experts in the cafe recommend that if you want to create fun and original figures with a much higher difficulty than a heart that you can easily do by hand, it’s best to start by making these original figures using templates, which can buy or do it yourself at home with a sheet of paper, pencil and scissors.

To develop the drawings, you can use the milk froth as it is usually done by hand in a coffee, or you can also add another element, namely cinnamon or cocoa, whichever you prefer.

The idea is that you put the template on top of the coffee and don’t forget to check that it’s in the middle; then start adding cinnamon, cocoa or milk according to your decision and that’s it, you already have a coffee with nice easy and quick drawing.

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