Use wine glasses to make your Christmas decorations

One of the most common questions when it comes to decorating the home for Christmas is what to put as the centerpiece? use wine glasses, because the glasses add a touch of elegance and it is very successful to include them in our decorations.

In addition, making decorations with elements such as wine glasses is an easy and fun activity that the whole family can participate in the preparation as the glass decorations can be made by both children and adults.


A good way to decorate the wine glasses is to paint them with colors related to the holiday, for example you can paint the base of one of the glasses in a gold or silver color and the top in a reddish or greenish color; You can also use other elements, such as glitter, to make the color tone more striking and vibrant, and to paint the cup with stripes that look like a gift.

Now if you can draw in an exceptional way, you can paint the top of the glass with various elements related to Christmas such as; snowmen, santa claus, snowflakes, etc.


To make this kind of decoration, you need to put the glasses down so that they can perform the function of a candlestick. To avoid making the cup look plain or boring, we can make various decorations such as placing colored stickers, drawing snowflakes, lining some parts of the cup with colored thread or other elements.

Likewise, in the cavity of the glass you can add fresh flowers and Christmas bulbs, while in the upper part you can already place a candle of the desired color and size and attach it to the glass. Another way to use the glasses is with water and floating candles, gel candles or just a gold, red or green candle inside.


This is one of the easiest and most practical Christmas decorations because all you have to do is decorate the glasses with colored ribbons; For this you can stick the ribbons directly on the glass, make a kind of bow or knots, place the ribbons in the glass or simply hang the ribbon on the glass.

You can also combine the use of ribbons with flowers and Christmas balls or natural elements such as branches or dry leaves to give the decoration a natural and harmonious touch. Another option is to use colored tape for greater effectiveness and time savings.


Another way to decorate your wine glasses is to add elements in them to complement them, in this case to make snow glasses you only need candles, artificial snow powder, Christmas bulbs in the color you like the most.

To do this, you must first add a small amount of snow to the bottom of each glass and, if you wish, add another decorative element such as mini gifts, snowmen, etc. Then position the candle so that it is supported and finally add another decorative element and prepare a beautiful Christmas piece.

For this design, you can also decorate the outside of the cup with one of the options mentioned above, such as ribbons or paint.


The four options can serve as a centerpiece, or simply to decorate a corner of your home, so choose the one you like best and adapt to the decor of your environment, also keep in mind that during this Christmas season, the the most important thing is imagination and luck, so go ahead and decorate your wine glasses as you like.

And if you are already convinced of making these fantastic decorations, we invite you to make them with time and together with your whole family, I assure you that you will be fascinated by the result and that you can have a great time share with your loved ones.

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