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15 tips to easily repel bats from your home

Bats play a vital role in the ecosystem as pest controllers and pollinators. But because bats pose a health risk due to the potential transmission of zoonotic diseases, they should be kept away from humans. Learn how to effectively and humanely repel bats. According to National Geographic, bats are the …

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Remove dust easily with these 8 tricks

Often we spend most of the day removing dust from the house because as we know dust comes from everywhere and it is normal for our furniture to be impregnated with it. Keep your home dust-free! It’s so annoying to have to clean it every day because it just is, …

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Fig trees in pots: tips to grow figs easily

Figs are a delicious flower, with a sweet taste, which are harvested in the summer and fall. It consists of several aquino which gives it a crunchy texture, a kind of inverted flower that blooms in bud with some reddish hues, known as figs. Learn how to pot fig trees …

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