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How to plant a guava tree in pots?

The guava tree grows to between 5 and 6 meters high, a plant that resists growing in pots. The stems are green and elongated, they are between 10 and 20 centimeters long and 8 centimeters wide and the leaves are characterized by the presence of an essential oil. Guava is …

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Fig trees in pots: tips to grow figs easily

Figs are a delicious flower, with a sweet taste, which are harvested in the summer and fall. It consists of several aquino which gives it a crunchy texture, a kind of inverted flower that blooms in bud with some reddish hues, known as figs. Learn how to pot fig trees …

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Learn how to grow Brussels sprouts in pots.

Brussels is a type of food that belongs to the cruciferous vegetables and family i.e. cauliflower, cabbage and red cabbage. The most common can be red, purple or the best known, namely green. These vegetables can be consumed in various ways such as; boiled, stewed or in other recipes, which …

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